Vectron Mobile POS App

The mobile App for hospitality professionals

iOS and Android

The “Vectron MobileApp” is so easy to operate that you will be familiar with all the functions within minutes. At the same time the app provides you all the comfort you require for mobile cashing.

  • Clearly arranged
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to operate
  • Offline-capable

The app functions have been deliberately reduced to the essential ones for mobile cashing. This makes the app clearly arranged and easy to operate. You enter or change orders or close receipts with a few intuitive touches. A clearly arranged guest check management, PLUs that are grouped in departments and search functions support the procedures. Free multiplier and price input is possible and you can enter condiments and menu courses, print entertainment expenses and split guest checks. All the common payment modes are available for finalization.

More complex transactions are carried out by the stationary server system, which securely saves all the data.

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Optional wifi printer can be linked


This is very easy to integrate with the Vectron system and Global l15 LTD can assist with installation and setup if need be.

Take the order to the customer or queue bust giving instant profitability and efficiency to your service