POS Ready Titan (Vectron)

The Sam4s Titan-160 Touch Screen is a perfect partner with our EPoS Software ICR Touch. Night Clubs, Bars and the Leisure Industry find the reliability of the Sam4s Titan-160 Touch Screen perfect for their demanding work load in hostile work areas. The 15” Vibrant PCT display provides even brighter clearer colours for clarity and ease of operation. Screen tilt (0° to 65°) is adjusted easily to create just the right angle for viewing.

  • Description


Vectron Software will be pre-loaded on this device.

  • Stable, fast and easy-to-install software with flexible, cross-sector functions
  • Special support for hospitality, bakeries, retail trades, dry cleaners, etc.
  • Individual permissions for operators, menu items and functions
  • Intuitive operation through user specific layouts and icons
  • Comprehensive media support for EC-Cash, direct-debiting etc.
  • Extensive reports and user-optimised journals
  • Time & attendance data available
  • Flexible printer control also for network printers with switch-over options and automatic forwarding in case of error
  • Support for scanners, card readers, drink dispensing systems, etc.
  • Extensive possibilities for back office connections through open interfaces
  • Network-capable – also in combination with other Vectron POS systems
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting via remote data transfer